The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide
The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide is the most comprehensive collection of dumpling recipes ever produced. This exciting collection shows us that not only are pot stickers, pierogis, and shao mai dumplings but so too are tamales, steamed cakes, and steamed breads.  
The Most Comprehensive and Wide-Ranging
Anthology of Traditional Dumpling Recipes
From Chickpea Dumplings in a Tomato Sauce (India) to Leaf-Wrapped Rice Packages Stuffed with Peanuts and Sausage (China), from Chocolate Tamales (Mexico) to a “Napkin” Bread Dumpling with Cherries (Austria), from Cloud-Shaped Bread Buns (Tibet) to Potato Dumplings with Cabbage Layers (Hungary), this cookbook is a passionate exploration of every dumpling type imaginable.
The Dumpling contains plenty of familiar recipes such as those for matzo balls, gnocchi, pot-stickers, pierogi and ravioli– as well as dozens of others you may not have discovered yet, such as Black Sesame Roll-ups (China), Sweet Potato Dumplings with a Melted Sugar Center (Malaysia), Coconut and Rice Columns with Chickpea Curry (India), and No-Fuss Potato Dumplings (Poland).
The Dumpling also contains dessert varieties, dumplings for gifts or entertaining, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as fast and easy dumplings.
Arranged by month so as to encourage all of us to cook dumplings seasonally and year round, The Dumpling contains a recipe for every taste bud, table, and occasion.  With an 8-page full color photo insert and 21 pages of step-by-step dumpling-making illustrations, The Dumpling offers both the basics of dumpling making and more elaborate recipes that will challenge the savviest cooks.  
The book will appeal to all who love to use their hands in the kitchen and all who simply cherish the comfort and variety of flavors made possible by these traditional dishes.
   Cooks at all levels will delight in this book as they try their hands at familiar favorites as well as new dishes.
 -Publisher’s Weekly
432 pages  •  135 recipes
8-page full color photo insert
21 pages of step-by-step dumpling-making illustrations
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-081738-1
On Sale: 10/27/09  •  $35.00
Wai Hon Chu completed his culinary training at The Art Institute of New York and has worked in the kitchens of March, Clementine, and The Russian Tea Room. In 1999, he launched El Eden Chocolates, which grew into a Manhattan storefront offering over 25 truffle varieties nationwide. His handmade chocolates garnered rave reviews from the New York Times, Food & Wine, Chocolatier, Fortune Small Business, New York magazine, TimeOut New York, National Public Radio, and others.  Chu was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York City’s Chinatown where his father worked as a butcher and a restaurant chef for over 23 years. He currently works as a cooking instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, the Natural Gourmet Institute, and the Bowery Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market.
Connie Lovatt was born in the United States Virgin Islands. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she worked at Poets & Writers, Inc. as director of the New York Readings/Workshops program for a number of years before becoming a freelance literary consultant. She currently works as a personal chef specializing in vegetarian, vegan, and raw food cuisine.
   With the exception of one recipe, all the dumplings in this book were simmered or boiled in an average pot or steamed in a standard steamer pot. In other words, we don’t use tamale steamers, bamboo steamers, rice cookers, crock-pots, woks, or pressure cookers, but instead rely on just a few simple and common pieces of equipment.
-Wai Hon Chu and Connie Lovatt